Christmas Gift Ideas to Give Instead of Toys

Christmas gifts

Even though the economy has improved, and it changes from year to year, you may not have the money you need in order to buy the Christmas gifts for your children you want to buy this year. Maybe you are simply looking for something different to give them, something they will enjoy a lot longer.

Consider these six Christmas gift ideas. Regardless of the age of your children or grandchildren, there are gift ideas on this list that will please any age.

1. The gift of time

Do you spend enough time with your children or grandchildren? As a grandparent, maybe you live in a different city and don’t get to spend the time with your grandchildren you like. Maybe as a parent you now realize don’t get to spend as much time as you like with your children. Now is the time to make the commitment because they grow up way too fast.

You can make little coupons that have different activities on them for you to do throughout the year. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It could be coupons to take them to the park or maybe a trip to the zoo.

Consider other things, like giving a hug, or having a movie night where you make popcorn and rent a movie. What you choose is only limited by your imagination, so brainstorm some ideas here.

2. Books

If you want to turn your child into a reader and spend quality time together, books are the easiest way to do it. By simply reading to your child just 15 minutes a day, you can turn your child a lifetime reader and help him/her become literate. Your children will do better in school, and they will enjoy the time spent with you.

3. Accessories for a child’s favorite sport

Does your child do any type of sports? If so, then there are all types of accessories you can buy. Maybe your child has a bicycle. You can buy a helmet and pads or something to decorate the bike and make it unique. You can also buy things so your child can practice his/her favorite sport at home.

4. Crafts

This is an easy thing to do because you can buy all types of things from the dollar store or a craft department in a department store. Fill it up with crayons, markers, paper, string and other items your child can use to make things. Choose items your child will enjoy and explore his/her artistic talents.

5. Music

This is a great gift for teenagers, especially if you have already purchased some type of MP3 player or cell phone for your child. You can give a subscription to a service like Rhapsody or some other music subscription. These are really inexpensive, and your child will have millions of tracks available for download.

6. Science experiment kits

Does your child love science? Then consider getting some type of science kit so your child can do science experiments. Not only will your child have fun he/she can do this activity with you. Consider participating in the experiments with your child. It will be more fun for your child, and it’s an easy way to spend time together.

Different gifts for your children and grandchildren are only limited by your imagination. Consider these gift ideas as they’ll be sure to please, and you can have fun with them too.

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