Muncie Lights Tallest Christmas Tree Again

Christmas Tree Lit in Muncie
Photo via Muncie Journal

For some reason, the Coronavirus has brought out the Christmas in a lot of people. It seems to have started with several radio stations playing Christmas trees. Now the town of Muncie, Indiana has decided to relight their Christmas tree.

I see this as a sign of hope that we will come through this crisis very soon. Many communties across the country are lighting Christmas trees and turning on their Christmas lights as well. Enjoy the display.

Muncie, IN—Under the direction of Meridian Health Services, and with the partnership of Jay Crew Landscaping and Indiana Michigan Power, Muncie’s tallest Christmas tree was lit again last night and will remain lit every night from dusk until dawn as a symbol of community hope and collaboration. The idea came as Meridian executives saw social media stories about Christmas lights in other communities. “When I saw that families in California were putting their lights back up, it seemed like the right thing to do,” said Scott Smalstig, vice president of development for Meridian, who oversees Meridian’s “Holidays at Gresham” drive through light display each year. The idea may have been the easiest part, Smalstig explained. “The real champions of this story are Jason Brooks of Jay Crew, and his people,” said Smalstig. “While Jason was adjusting his company’s new work reality, he was taking calls and texts from me. Muncie’s Tallest Christmas Tree Is Lit Again

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