Christmas Lights Appear Through the UK in March

Christmas Lights
Image by Chris Spencer-Payne from Pixabay

Throughout the United Kingdom and the United States, people have decided to put up Christmas lights in March. The goal seems to be to bring hope to the world during the Coronavirus.

I’m glad to see that so many people are trying to keep their spirits up. This is a difficult time for everyone. Living in fear though will not solve the problem. Fear puts a person under a lot of stress and can make them more susceptible to disease.

Keep your spirits up. This crisis will pass, hopefully soon.

Explained: Why Christmas lights have reappeared outside homes across the UK in March. As the coronavrius crisis continues, many people have decided to spark some joy and put up Christmas lights outside their homes again – in March. Scores of households have jumped on the bandwagon – leading to the hashtag #ChristmasInMarch trending on social media – as people shared pictures of their springtime festive decorative lights. In a post on Twitter, one user said: “What a great idea to put up Christmas lights! We all need hope in this terrible time of worldwide #coronvirus pandemic.” Another added: “Saturday night we turned our Christmas lights back on and will stay on to share hope and spread bring some cheer. Explained: Why Christmas lights reappeared outside homes across the UK in March

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