Top 5 Christmas Dinner Recipes

We are only moments away from Christmas I can smell it in the air I can feel it on my skin it's a common my friends and
so to celebrate I have my tough bye festive recipes that are coming your way in this beautiful countdown take it away
my friends I need to introduce you to the best Christmas ham you will ever make this is ham in Cola we're gonna
start it off with a boneless gammon joint this is what we call it here in Ireland of the UK we're gonna get
straight in here is this a really simple Christmas ham I did mention that already but stick with me because it is so ham
goes straight in a pot we're now gonna pour in lots of Cola now if you're wondering why we're adding the cola here
it kind of caramelizes the exterior you get this wonderful sweet flavour and the interesting thing is that you know Cola
itself it's a weird sort of flavor I tend not to drink it but I do cook with it because it gives you that sweetness
and to that we're gonna pop the spice I've got a little bit of star anise here I'm gonna pop these in here and they
they have this wonderful sort of exotic fragrance that really adds a lovely spice and then we're going in there with
a handful of cloves just sprinkle them in here we're also going in with about a tablespoon of black peppercorns and just
pop them in and around and to bring this all together and to impart even more flavor I've got one whole onion the
flavor you'll get from the onion is all you need you actually not gonna use the onion at all so you don't need to take
the skin off slice it off like that tuck them into bed alongside your Christmas ham lid on this is gonna cook for about
an hour and a half to remember it's 40 minutes per kilogram okay so this is gonna stick on here it's gonna cook away
for all that time and I do have one that has been prepared and cooked earlier but I need to wash my hands first okay now
we need to talk about the glaze on this Christmas ham the one that has cooked out and that has cooled completely is
ready to be glazed so I'm gonna take this forward we're gonna grab up our pot and in this pot there's a lot of liquids
at this point now the liquid has done its job it's impart all the flavor so we're
gonna take this out and yeah any of that excess liquid I have a little bit of kitchen paper in my tray
just to catch any of that extra liquid this skin here this bit of fat needs to be removed so take up a sharp knife now
the trick here is to keep as much of the fat but remove all the skin once you've sliced it all off you get left with this
which can now be discarded it's time to give this a little bit of decoration so I like to do a nice little diamond
section so do lines across this way and then lines across the other way now as I do this this reminds me of the sort of
work I used to do with my mom around Christmastime I always got the job of putting the clothes in where all the
little diamonds go on so if you grab up a handful of these cloves everywhere that there's a little cross where the
lines have been slitted basically stick in a clove I do take this part of my job very seriously and you do need to make
sure you have beautiful cloves all the way around your ham and at this point it's looking pretty good so I'm gonna
get rid of this tissue paper which soaked up all that liquid stick this forward and now this is ready for a
fantastic glaze and for our glaze we have a few ingredients so it's four tablespoons of honey going in here three
tablespoons of brown sugar we're also gonna go a little bit of English mustard powder and then finally the juice of one
orange give it a squeeze straight in there oh I can smell it now Christmas is in the air we've got orange we've got
baked ham this glaze now comes together straight on the hob get the heat on this has been simmering away for about six to
eight minutes and at this point now it's thickened up so I'm gonna turn off the heat and at this point take it off the
heat let it cool down ever so slightly and you want to grab up a pastry brush like this or anything that you're gonna
be able to brush your ham with so take up that really hot sticky mess and spread it all over that ham
how good does this look we have a fantastic Christmas ham which is just a bit ready to go into the oven but before
I do I'm gonna take up some more of that English mustard and just sprinkle it over the top this is now ready to go
into the oven at 220 degrees Celsius that's 450 degrees Fahrenheit it's gonna cook off for about 25 minutes just until
it is nice and golden brown let's go let the Christmas magic begin because my friends this is a Christmas ham you want
to try look at how beautiful it is it's glazed it's gorgeous I've taken it out of the oven cooled a little bit for me I
like my Christmas ham to be like Munson tindy so that's taking 9 litter over just to get a taste of it you want to
get a bit of that glaze going on that for me is true Christmas perfection [Music]
Christmas dinner would not be Christmas dinner without the side so I'm going to show you how to make three of my
absolute favorites with parsnips carrots and some Brussels sprouts trim the ends off the Brussels sprouts and then tumble
into a pot of boiling salted water for about six to eight minutes until just tender you can check if they're cooked
by piercing with the tip of a sharp knife drain the sprouts and leave to cool completely slice the cooled sprouts
in half place a pan over a medium heat and add in some butter to melt slice up four rind less smoked streaky bacon
rashers and then fry off until golden brown add in some pecan nuts and toss to coat add in a generous amount of butter
and then tumble in your sprouts fry off for two to three minutes season with some sea salt and black pepper and when
it's looking good it's ready to serve a perfect Christmas side dish to a bowl add some butter and some finely chopped
shallot grate in one garlic clove finely chop some parsley and some time and then mash it all together spread half the
butter mixture over the base of some parchment paper and then tumble the carrots on top top the remaining butter
over the carrots and then roll the paper into a little parcel pop your parcel on a baking tray and place in the oven at
180 degrees Celsius for one hour remove the carrots from the oven open up your parcel and transfer to a serving dish
how good today look cook your parsnips in a large pot of boiling water until just tender in a
large bowl mix together the polenta Parmesan and some grated nutmeg mix together with a spoon and season with
some sea salt and black pepper when the Parsons are cooked drain off the excess water and then add the parsnips to the
parmesan and polenta mixture toss until completely coated place a large baking tray over a medium heat and add in a
generous amount of butter melt it down and then add in your parsnips and coat completely in that melted hot butter
place the parsnips in a preheated oven at 200 degrees Celsius and cook for about 35 minutes until golden brown
crispy golden parsnips what's not the load [Music]
for the main course of my Christmas feast I'm gonna make a rolled turkey breast with a sage and cranberry
stuffing it's incredibly easy to carve and that's where the cheek comes in it starts off by making the stuffing so in
a pan I have sweated off some onions some finely chopped onions in quite a lot of butter and now that it's cooled
I'm gonna add in some bread crumbs and to give a little bit of sweetness to this stuffing I'm using cranberries for
my aromatics I'm gonna use some sage leaves and a little bit of flat-leaf parsley just take off a small handful of
sage leaves and a small handful of parsley season it up with some sea salt and some ground black pepper give it a
good mix through and just make sure all those breadcrumbs get coated in the butter and all those wonderful aromatic
flavors this stuffing is now ready for the turkey so I have some turkey I'm using a turkey breast here it's a great
way of feeding a lot of people and they're quite quite generous transfer the turkey across to a large chopping
board take a sharp knife keep your hand flat on top and then just run the knife in and if this looks too challenging you
could of course ask your butcher to do it for you [Music]
lay on a piece of parchment paper and then just using a meat tenderizer hammer or even a rolling pin will do just
flatten it out and now it's time to stuff so just push it around so that it lays out horizontally to you and then
grab that stuffing and place it over the top push the stuffing to one side and make
sure that it's nice and compact and then just roll it up to just remove the parchment paper from underneath and now
now that we have a beautifully stuffed turkey breast it's time to tie this and make sure that it's nice and tight in
the oven I'm gonna take some butchers string and you do want quite a bit to work with snip it off at the end fit it
in underneath the bird and at the thickest part you want to tie your first knot and then taking about two fingers
of distance you're going to do exactly the same thing essentially run the string underneath the turkey breast and
then just slip that string underneath using this method continue all the way down the breast of the bird
[Music] when you get to the end of your time process just flip the bird over like
this and then take the rest of that string and just run it through the rest of those little loops flip it over one
final time and then take that string and then tie it off here transfer it across to a baking tin bring the baking tin
back to the chopping board and then using some softened butter just completely slather the whole top and you
want to be generous with your butter here the hands are quickly once the turkey breast is looking like this it's
time to put it in the oven so I'm gonna season up with some sea salt this will now cook in the oven for about 40 to 50
minutes per kilo and a breast this size is gonna cook for about an hour and a half to two hours while this cooks off
I'm gonna be basting it with a combination of maple syrup and a little bit of orange juice and it gives the
most beautiful golden color and a little sweet taste to that exterior of your bird it's gonna be absolutely amazing
[Music] as soon as the turkey has a really rich golden color on the skin make sure to
cover it with tinfoil for the rest of the cooking time when it comes out and the reduces run nice and clear it's
cooked so transfer it to a chopping board and allow it to rest under tinfoil for a good amount of time so that you
get left with loads of juices in the bottom of the board now take off the tinfoil and you get left with the most
beautiful turkey so it's ready to carve at this point so using a little sharp scissors just take off that string just
snip it in little areas like this this is the beautiful part about this method there's no bones to think about so give
it a nice generous slices and just take off that end piece [Music]
and look at that just tender and moist succulent pieces of turkey breast without lovely generous stuffing running
through the center it is a really simple method and a great thing to serve up this Christmas Day and serve it up with
some crispy roast potatoes and some honey and sesame carrots and a really rich gravy and it's something truly
special [Music] started off by mixing some honey and
some Dijon mustard in a small bowl this is going to add some extra Christmas magic to your sausage rolls grab a large
bowl and add in the sausage meat herbs breadcrumbs cranberries bacon whole-grain mustard and a good pinch of
salt and a crack of black pepper give all that mixture a really good stir and get those flavors going split the
mixture Day in the middle and then grab some cling film and lay it flat on a board or work surface take the first
half of your sausage mixture and roll it into a large sausage shape roll it and shape it until you have the right
thickness and then pop them into the fridge to chill and firm up for about 30 minutes
in the meantime pre-heat your oven to 220 degrees Celsius unroll sheets of puff pastry and give them a good rush
with your magic mustard mixture this little step really amps up the flavor levels and is well worth doing
grab your sausage meat from the fridge and unwrap the cling film place the first batch of the meat far enough over
on the pastry that you can roll the pastry over the top tucking it into a neat little parcel as you go and now
it's time to get cutting grab a sharp knife and cut into your chosen sides I like to do little canapes
sized sausage rolls perfect for Christmas parties pop them onto a lined baking tray and pierce the top of each
roll once or twice with a sharp knife this gives a lovely effect when the pastry is cooked and then when you brush
with a little bit of egg wash and sprinkle half the rolls with sesame seeds they're gonna be epic cook in the
oven for 25 minutes or until they're very delicious and golden brown take them out of the oven and allow to cool
on a wire rack and that's it my friends you are now in such a droll city and now I have to try one mmm they are so good I
know I always say that but they really are they're one of my favorite Christmas treats crumbly puff pastry really
delicious savory and sweet sausage roll filling you've got the cranberries in there so you got this extra kind of
Christmas magic going on the honey in the mustard this is really worth trying [Music]
move over granny christmas pudding is out Christmas trifle is in we're gonna start off by making a chocolate custard
so in a pan I have quite a lot of cream and we're gonna bring this up to temperature we're gonna make this
custard is a very easy thing to do this is gonna simmer a wave and while it's simmering away I'm gonna make up the
custard base so for that I need four free-range eggs so I've got one two and three four first things first you need
to separate your eggs from your egg yolks so without them falling all over the counter I'm gonna get my whites in a
little glass so just separate away egg yolks in castor sugar in on top of this and now just grab a hand whisk you could
do this with an electric one but by hand it goes very quickly so mix that through now
this is exactly what you're looking for a very smooth and glossy pale mixture and now it's just ready for my cream
which has come to temperature so turn that off the heat no you have to concentrate when you do this first of
all trickle in a little bit of the hot cream if you add it all in at once what happenes it starts to cook out so just
mix in a little bit at a time and once you start getting it together you can be a little bit more generous
with it whisking and pouring all at the same time as soon as you've mixed all of that through and you haven't cooked your
eggs it's time to get the mixture straight back onto the heat for it to thicken up so pour it very carefully
back into the saucepan looking good heat back on and bring this up to temperature and you'll start to see it thickening
out the key thing when you're waiting for it to come up to temperature is to make sure that you keep stirring it can
tend to catch around the bottom so just keep stirring and you'll get left with a very smooth
once that custard has thickened up take it off the heat and now it's time to crack in some dark chocolate so I have
some good-quality dark chocolate mix that in and the heat of the custard is going to help melt that down and you'll
be there dark chocolate custard oh baby now this is why you add the chocolate in there
luscious creamy chocolate custard this is what it's all about so now this needs to cool completely and then we're gonna
get on with the rest of the things to make this wonderful trifle now while the custard is cooling I need to tell you
about the components of this fantastic Christmas trifle essentially it's kind of like a Black Forest gateau Christmas
trifle so this cherries there's brownies there's chocolate there's custard they're cream lots of wonderful things
so I'm gonna kick off by slicing off this brilliant brownie now if you want the recipe for this brownie you can
click it in the link below you can check it out there where we've made it up and this is one that we've made earlier it's
cooled and now I just need to slice it off into nice squares that are gonna fit into my trifle bowl brownie is sliced up
and ready for layering I also have a creamy element and that comes from someone lightly whipped cream that I'm
gonna mix through with some creme fraiche this makes a really thick creamy mixture and to that creme fraiche I'm
gonna add some great flavor from some vanilla bean paste if you can't get your hands on this normal vanilla extract
will do the job and I love that you get those little flecks of black bean running create here so we've also got a
little bit of icing sugar when I whipped up the cream and now you're just gonna mix this up the creme fraiche in here is
gonna make this smooth and creamy and even more luxurious than it already is my cream is beautifully mixed true and
it's time to assemble now you could make this trifle into a giant trifle bowl but I'm gonna go the extra mile I'm gonna
make up some mini trifles so I have these nice little glasses which are perfect for making mini trifles
I'm gonna take some slices of brownie which I'm probably gonna be easier if I take it over here
and just don't get all over there okay so just take up a layer of chocolate brownie and press it in to the base of
each one of those little trifle bowls to give these trifles are lovely Black Forest gateau taste and feel we will
also be adding some cherries now these cherries are straight from a can they have a syrup and with that syrup you
need to remove the cherries from the syrup reduce down the syrup add a little bit of Kirsch some liquor some cherry
liqueur in there and now you should be left with a beautiful cherry mixture which goes straight over our brownies Oh
Dafoe we have got cherries in now it is time for that chocolate custard this is just getting better and better and then
just to finish it off I have that luscious créme fraîche mixture which just need dolloping over the top even a
little bit of love with an offset spatula over the top and now that I have these beautiful Christmas fairytale
Peaks I'm gonna finish it off with some white chocolate shavings and some dark chocolate shavings the final finishing
touch which I just can't help I mean I know they look pretty good right now but I'm gonna sprinkle them with some edible
gold stars stick with me my friends now that they've had their extra special touch of Christmas magic it's time to
try one and this is the bit I've been waiting for so I'm gonna dive in here mm-hmm if that does not blow your
granny's socks off this Christmas around your Christmas dinner table I don't know what will there you go after – I don't
know how you couldn't be in a Christmas mood I'm wearing a Christmas hat I've got a Christmas tree we got out of the
light baby Jesus in the corner well actually baby Noah but close enough altogether we are ready for Christmas
and I hope you are too i'm gonna wish you a very happy Christmas and I hope you
are surrounded by lots of love and joy and family and lots of gorgeous food this christmas happy christmas and i'll
see you soon bye [Music] [Music]

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