Tired of the Same Christmas Dinner? How About Trying These Christmas Dinner Ideas?

Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner

I’ll be the first to say that for my family, Christmas dinner is traditionally ham. I’m not a big turkey eater, and I’ve never been a big turkey eater, so I look forward to Christmas when we can have ham.

In fact, Christmas dinner for us traditionally consists of ham, green bean casserole, other assorted casseroles, dressing, gravy, rolls, pecan and pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, and the usual fare you find on a Christmas table. It’s just a tradition for us, and we’ve always cooked that way, beginning at least with my grandmother.

Does it really have to be that way though? Have you considered trying meals from other countries across the world? If you’re tired of the same old Christmas fare, then now might be the time to try something new, and it might even save you some money.

Although there are many different traditions you may try, let’s start with some of the traditions of the old world, Europe. The first tradition you may want to consider are the traditions of Italy.

Here are some tasty Christmas recipes for you to try.

Because Italy is a Catholic country, they don’t traditionally eat red meat on Christmas Eve. Instead, they choose to have fish. This is referred to as the “7 Fishes Dinner.” If you don’t like fish then this may not be for you, but it’s certainly an idea on how to switch things up. There are so many different types of fish that are available, you can certainly find something you like to have instead of the traditional Christmas fare.

Germany is another place to get great food ideas because they offer such a wide and varied fare. Germans tend to have their Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas day so you may want to consider trying this.

Instead of ham or turkey, they have Christmas Goose, as well as potato dumples and red cabbage. For dessert, they offer baked apples. There are so many different German dishes that you can try that you certainly aren’t limited to these.

Try this must-have cookbook for some great Christmas recipes.

In the UK, you will find dishes like roasted turkey, which is close to home, as well as roasted potatoes, Brussel sprouts, some dressing, and pudding pie. These are similar to what you find in the US, but it will allow you to mix things up a bit.

Mexican food is certainly a consideration, especially if you are having a large group and need to feed a lot of people. You can make Christmas Eve a time to have snacks and finger foods that are easy to prepare and easy to clean up afterward. Give your imagination free rein here, and you’ll find plenty of ideas for foods that you will enjoy and make this your best Christmas ever.

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