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There is a very special video on lalu today we're di white an advent calendar 25 super simple crafts for your Barbie
family will our sleepyhead was sleeping someone sneaked in and left a very unusual Christmas tree Barbie I guess a
lot of gifts are waiting for us on Christmas yeah that would be awesome ugh this alarm clock never lets me have
enough sleep whoa is this a real advent calendar let's start with the first box what's here yes Barbie definitely lucked
out with presents [Music] whoops sometimes things fall apart when
you need it the least let's make Christmas tree ornaments out of the beads hot glue peen caps to the
balls let's create a nice frost effect dip the bead in the glue and then into decorative snow or we can decorate it
with rhinestones wow pass a red woolen thread through the loop and tie a knot there we go put the ready craft into the
box number one hmm it smells like Christmas gingerbread what can be better than that shape gingerbread figurines
out of light clay [Music] a man the Christmas tree candy canes
stars and a circle decorate the gingerbread with acrylic liner as blaze [Music]
and artificial snow looks a lot like powdered sugar put the pieces into a basket
you can smell gingerbread all over the house it looks delicious let's DIY a dog costume take a sheet of
red felt for the blanket the dog is carrying a white sketching pencil kid boy draw piece of this shape and cut it
out make it warmer with faux fur hot glue the details to each other [Music]
attach velcro in three spots put the outfit on the dog and decorate it with a pop pop we need a belt
cut a strip of a black foam sheet and make a buckle out of a wired gold ribbon glue the belt to the blanket
let's DIY reindeer antlers catch them on brown belt and cut out hot glue them to pipe cleaner bend another piece of pipe
cleaner to shape a headband and fasten the antlers make years out of Phil and faux fur
[Music] another piece of fur would be great for bangs our dog is ready to help Santa
with presents let's make Christmas candles make a candle holder out of a plastic mold attach ribbon around the
perimeter of the pot and hold up the edges tied them under a foam paper circle decorate with lace glue bead caps
to the piece and stick in candles it's cold outside so we'll make a baby envelope take light green faux fur and
fabric with Xmas design cut out two identical squares so the details and turn it out so it cushion the same way
swaddle the baby in the warm envelope and tie a satin ribbon around Barbie won't freeze this winter for sure so
we'll need pink faux fur trace a cutout with a pencil cut it out and sew the details to each
other cut it in the center and decorate with white fur it turned out was nice and
easy this sock obviously has seen better days let's give it a new lease of life we'll
make a Christmas sweater for Barbie out effect cut off the edge try it on the doll and sketch out arm holes use the
rest of the sock for the sleeves and the neck so on the remaining details our super simple and fashionable Christmas
sweater is done a hat and a mustache for Ken are next up put a sock on to the Ken's head cut off a needed piece and
tie the edge with a hair tie shake polyester fiber filling into a pom-pom and hot glue it use faux fur for the
beard cut out a triangle and fasten it on the face using a hair tie holiday vibes are brighter when you have
Christmas costumes let's make mittens so Barbie's hands won't freeze cut off two identical
pieces of pink faux fur and glue the details fasten the mittens on to the doll pan using a thread for the thumb
great we obviously can't do without winter entertainment let's DIY ice skates for the baby Trace footprints on
an eraser carefully cut out the soul of the skates along the contour draw boats on a white foam papers separately cut
out tongues hot glue all the details on the sole decorate with blue foam paper strips
make ice skate blades out of silver corrugated cardboard and attach them to the soles – these shoes have to fit
perfectly create laces with a thread we just need to decorate them apply white acrylic liner to the seams and
sprinkle with artificial snow tell us the truth who likes staring at snow globes let's make one for Barbie
we'll need a bouncy ball and a piece of a court hot glued them to each other
wrap wire golden ribbon around the globe stand add green embroidery thread in the middle decorate with a little gold bow
this is actually a nice souvenir let's make jumpsuit pajamas for the babies they'll feel warm and cozy take a
few old teddy bears take all stuffing out of them and try them on don't forget to sew on a hood Barbie will definitely
like accessories Wow we'll need an old keychain take it apart fasten a lobster clasp on a piece of
fishing rod and thread the beads on it attach a jump ring last put the rest of the beads onto a hair tie and tie it a
bracelet is also done the gift is done what's next cut the top part off a sock [Music]
fold the undone edges inside and fasten them with hot glue decorate with fluffy white pom-poms this
scarf will keep our doll warm during a cold winter night and skiing glasses will protect her eyes from snow cut a
shape out of a transparent folder trace with acrylic liner and let it dry poke holes and pass through a hair tie it
turned out very stylish a Christmas wreath is a well-known Christmas symbol let's DIY it wrap a few artificial
spruce tree branches into a ring and hot glue them add smaller branches so it sticks together decorate the wreath with
a red ribbon artificial berries and beads finally add a Christmas title [Music]
let's DIY a toy snowman take white clay and roll two balls of different sizes [Music]
attach a little hat and a scarf made out of a balloon ribbon put in branches at the sides and paint them black also
paint eyes a smile and buttons make a carrot nose out of four inch clay now baby only falls asleep with the snowman
under her arm our Barbie also needs a muff wrap a piece of white faux fur and glue the edges it's simple and nice you
can make a few winter things out of an old glove cut off a part of a finger and a hat is done now we need two more
fingers from the glove turn them inside out and cut the edge off one side you get warm high socks
Barbie doesn't want to ruin her hair with a half let's make earmuffs for her glue too
fluffy pom-poms to a plastic bottle ring and paint the headband rez [Music]
everyone loves flooding let's make a sled base out of corrugated cardboard make a seat and runners out of wooden
coffee stirrers color everything with acrylic paints use parts of a wooden ruler for the back
[Music] attach a cord for pulling this lid and decorate them back Merry Christmas
let's make a travel mug wrap a perfume sample in a strip of a foam paper put on a suitable cap and write Coco on it with
acrylic paint it needs marshmallows finely chopped alight plate and pack the marshmallows and the mugs a snowboard
out of a piece of plastic easy-peasy draw snowboard and cut it out paint it pink and attach bright stickers make
holes and pass two hair ties through them this is a fastening for legs whoa now that's a nice gift hugs are super
comfortable cut pieces out of thin faux leather first of all glue the top
[Music] and then the bottom part make the souls and advert so the boots
are warm you can jump in snow as much as you want when you have shoes like this thanks to the advent calendar this
pre-christmas mother became the most magical for our Barbie family did you like our everyday doll outfit hit the
thumbs up click on the belt and don't miss any new videos lilulu has a ton of awesome ideas

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