11 DIY LOL Christmas Clothes Ideas


Even an lol doll can become human at Christmas my little sister and I adore lol dolls especially during the holidays
look this doll looks a lot like you and this no beauty super lol looks like you how do we decide who looks more like an
lol doll in real life mom help us decide which one of us is the lol s that's easy we'll have a battle
who will have the better outfit a small or a big lol doll let's go and here's the first idea a snowflake straight from
the Christmas tree grab it and run [Music] sketch a snowflake
[Music] cut it out of weitfeldt so the beams of the snowflake
[Music] decorate it with artificial stones and Pearl half beads cut a base out of
silver foam paper and attach it to the snowflake attach a safety pin to the back using a small piece of felt there
was a perfect outfit somewhere here oh oh I'll get it here it is a winter bust is exactly what I need
I'm just missing a magical skirt complete the look with a snowflake brooch now I'm a Snow Queen hey this
little girl is up to something but it's a very big secret there isn't anything left on the treat
for me are you sure look closer oh what an unusual ornament and what's inside another lol unwrap it
and we'll find out they are crystal earrings let's make pendants out of artificial
crystals put eye pins in them and press them in make the crystal in the center longer using metal pieces attach three
crystals to a stud earring glue a crystal bead to it whoa these crystal earrings are so beautiful
they will definitely match my snow lol outfit I'm so lucky what a wonderful winter look hey what's peeking out of
there soft fabric and a headband I can make something interesting out of it but what should I make oh it's a miracle
these earmuffs are so warm and nice cut two circles out of plush fabric also cut out smaller circles out of foam rubber
cardboard felt silver brocade and interfacing wrap the foam rubber and cardboard layers in plush fabric put the
felt interfacing and brocade circles together iron them so they stick together trim the edges with
scrapbooking scissors hot glue the end of the headband to the cardboard side of the ear muff and add the brocade circle
on top decorate it with a fur pom-pom on top make a crown out of felt and brocade the same way decorate it with snowflakes
and half beads attach the crown to the headband oh these are earmuffs for a real winter princess the big LOL also
wants to find a nice outfit but all of her clothes are way too plain oh this is what I need leggings with spikes fold
silver jersey fabric in half and make a leggings cutout make two pieces attach a velvet ribbon to them shape light clay
into spikes color them with curly paint after the clay hardens so the leggings put elastic ribbon into the waist
decorate the side straps with the spikes now this outfit looks more like something in lol doll would wear it's
like I'm from a winter fairy tale but I need one more accessory right a belt and here it is ah it doesn't match but
miracles happen when it's Christmas time attach half beads to a belt use superglue cut a base out of glittery
foam paper and attach decorative crystals onto it cover the bottom of the crystals with a
darker shade of foam paper attach the belt to the base cut off the excess trim the foam paper to fit the crystals whoa
snow magic changed my belt now it perfectly completes my outfit and I need to come up with perfect shoes a snow
queen won't walk around in regular sneakers we'll need some glitter [Music]
come on sneakers turn into my dream shoes nothing happened how come now that's way better coat
rubber boots with acrylic polish and sprinkle them with a lot of glitter decorate the top with faux fur
Wow these boots are the glitter iasts in the whole lol world thanks magic I always believed in you
by the way what a nice tablecloth hey guys move Thanks I'll put in some effort use the magic of scissors and glue and
turn this tablecloth into a beautiful skirt there we go now I'm a winter queen but my face doesn't look royal yet let's
add some glow and do an LOL makeup look apply shimmering light blue eyeshadow to the lids and define the inner corner of
the eye apply rainbow highlighter to the cheekbones and pink gloss onto the lips cook the bottom lip with a layer of
pearly eyeshadow but that's not it yet a snow queen can't do without precious stones attach big rhinestones using
medical glue oh I'm in trouble I don't have a matching bag so where should I keep all my royal treasures hmm here's a
nice box it quickly turns into a purse coat a blank wooden box with silver acrylic paint add a pearly layer glue
felt inside so the box opens like a purse cut a base for a 3d crystal out of holographic cardboard along a template
bend it along the lines and shape a crystal attach it to the lid of the box hot glue
a string of pearls to the box that'll be the handle decorate the ends with felt hearts ha I love my precious purse now
my snowy lol outfit is complete mom is ready to judge our lol battle but for starters we need to clean up this mess
like this wow girls your lol beauties good job and nice outfits but you are missing some little details a winter
queen needs a crown hot glue artificial crystals two pieces of wooden sticks and wrap them in sparkly white foam paper
cut off the extra foam paper wrap all the crystals in a foam paper make spikes out of glittery gray foam
paper triangles glue the crystals and the spikes to a headband make holes on a strip of sparkly foam paper and decorate
the headband add a foam paper side and decorate the crown with a string of pearls oh wow
this is a crystal lol crown for special occasions now your royal snow look is fully complete and our little lol
snowflake needs to win the title miss snow right miss snow on a satin ribbon in pencil trace the letters with fabric
paint iron it through parchment paper after it dries decorate with rhinestones cut out v-shaped ends and pin a heart
brooch to fasten the ribbon there you go you'll definitely win the snow pageant girls you did such a great job
you are so magical and now let's take a photo so this is whose magic was helping the girls the whole time when you have
such beautiful LOL outfits celebrating Christmas with your family is even nicer did you like our magical snow makeovers
then comment below which outfit you'd copy baby lol or a big winter lol Queen and
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